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Review: Jerry Springer – The Opera

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Jerry Springer The Opera is the best piece of theater I’ve seen in San Francisco this year. Irreverent, blasphemous, profane, sure. That’s a given. What’s surprising is how effective this immensely challenging work is, how well suited this subject is to a full operatic treatment.

And there should be no doubt about it, this is a full opera. The score is sophisticated and varied, a kaleidoscopic blend of musical theater, baroque oratorio, pop, rock, and occasionally branching into it’s own dissonant vocabulary. And it is fiendishly difficult, not just for the soloists, but for the entire ensemble. Ray of Light has assembled an astonishing array of singers for this production, one that has renewed my faith in the depth of talent here in San Francisco.

The first act is simply a rendition of any episode of Jerry Springer, with the slight modification that everyone on stage (with some important exceptions), is singing. All the obligatory Springerisms are on display, Continue Reading

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  1. Drove past the venue, sadly, and didn’t have time to see it last week. Now, I’m extra disappointed. Great review, Brian!

  2. David Rodwin says:

    Glad to hear it was good, but I’ll never forgive JS: The Opera from stealing my thunder at Edinburgh in 2002. I was premiering my opera “Monks & Sluts (and Statesmen, oh my!) and on title alone most of my potential crowd was siphoned away. So I never saw the damn thing. Simultaneously, A Bombity of Errors had it’s UK premiere at that fringe. A friend of mine was in it (Joe Kolski) and it was the best hip hop theatrical venture I’ve ever seen. They even transferred to the West end for a 6 month run.

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Hilary Hahn – Good date? Or GREAT date?

Although this will certainly perpetuate the myth that I am obsessed with Hilary Hahn (not an ounce of truth to it), this is just too funny not to post. It was discovered by Hilary’s own publicist who wrote all about it in her Life’s a Pitch blog. Now, if I were Hilary’s publicist, I’d definitelyContinue Reading

One Response to Hilary Hahn – Good date? Or GREAT date?

  1. 100% GREAT date, I’m sure! 🙂

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DC Shorts Redux

Phew. Three weeks since my last post, but definitely three busy, busy weeks. Most of that time was spent in the high desert of Nevada being deeply involved with the Burning Man arts festival. It was equal parts exhausting and exhilarating, as always, and the full details of what transpired out there is largely outsideContinue Reading

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