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Tonight’s the night!

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In preparation for tonight’s big concert I’ve posted the program notes for the eponymous song cycle, A Brief History of Love and Poetry in the Listen section of the blog. With any luck, the audio from tonight’s performance will soon be posted there as well (at least for the poems that don’t cost over $1000 to purchase mechanical licenses).

In the meantime I’m going over my mental checklist to make sure everything’s all set for tonight. Cookies are baked, wine purchased, programs folded, clothing picked out. Oh yes, at some point there’s the music.

Hope to see many of you at the Community Music Center tonight…

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  1. Wonderful program; Cary & Jason ( and you , of course) were so great – but it was the MUSIC! It all was teriffic. I was crazy about the opera/theatre music and LOVED the string quartet.

    ( I was the woman introduced to you by Judy Epstein) BTW – I did not want to get into it last night when asked – but one of the contemporary music programs I heard recently that sounded alternately like a film score and/or an assault to my ears was a concert I attended at Herbst.

    • Brian Rosen says:

      Thanks so much Shelley! I’m glad you were able to make it. I try to keep my music from becoming too alienating. While “accessible” is too often a code word for vapid. I try to make my stuff understandable on the first listen, but complex enough to warrant deeper listenings…

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Fantastic news here in Music vs Theater world! The San Francisco chapter of the American Composer’s Forum has seen fit to award me a Subito grant to help produce this weekend’s premiere of my song cycle (and other works)! This is a huge deal, not only will it make it much more likely that we’llContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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  1. Bun Bun says:

    That’s awesome, Rosen!

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The Acoustic Vocoder vs The Wooden Mirror

What a fantastic idea this is. They need to have the input audio be a solo piano piece to see what happens. First some Mozart, then some Debussy. Now THAT would be cool. I’m curious how much the transformation considers the audio spectrum of the output device. What if this was instead driving a sampler?Continue Reading

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Classical Music, Cheerios, and Soap Operas

Felicia Day just posted this amazingly egregious bit of product placement, which, apparently, is pretty commonplace these days. This could easily be applied to classical music with just a bit of media synergy. Imagine a couple finishing a candle lit dinner, staring into each other’s eyes: “Thanks for the dinner. The chicken was delicious.” “It’sContinue Reading

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  1. Kerry says:

    OMG..Jason dumped Sam???

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