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A new unit of time: The Wagner

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After a full evening of writing music, I am proposing a new unit of time. The Wagner (abbreviation Wg). One Wagner is equal to one thousand minutes, approximately the length of the entire Ring Cycle. Here are some useful conversions:

1 day = 1.4 Wagners

1 year = 511.35 Wagners

1 minute = 1 milliWagner (1 mWg)

This unit will be particularly useful for superficially evaluating the works of other composers:

The entire works of Anton Webern can be contained on about 6 compact discs with a total running time of 36 centiWagners.

Or making us composers feel crappy about our own productivity:

After sitting at the piano for the entire evening, I realized that I was only able to compose about .5 milliWagners of usable music. Furthermore, my maximum rate of composition rarely breaks the 1 mWg/h mark.

Anyone know anyone over at ISO?

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  1. Delightful!

    So by logical extension, 255.675 Wagners (Wg) = 1 Friedman unit (fU)

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OK. Just ONE Steve Jobs anecdote.

Having worked at Pixar since 1993, I have quite a number of Steve Jobs stories. Most of those I keep well within the confines of the building or my close friends, but this is one that I think really exemplifies Steve. (Names and email addresses have been changed.) In the early days of Pixar, SteveContinue Reading

3 Responses to OK. Just ONE Steve Jobs anecdote.

  1. noah says:

    And I read yetichat

    Uh, as soon as I have yetichat – good idea, Steve. I’ll just go ahead and make it online . . . using my Mac Powerbook.

  2. 😀 thanks for sharing. that’s a good story at this difficult time. rip steve

  3. Jim Williams says:

    Great story! But now I’m trying to figure out who “Richard” really is…

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The creepiest thing ever…

What’s creepier than the Teletubbies? Teletubbies in slow motion with a Arnold Schoenberg soundtrack. (Warning, if you’re easily spooked, you should probably watch something a little less creepy. Like ‘The Ring’ or ‘Saw III’.)

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