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Tonight’s the night!

In preparation for tonight’s big concert I’ve posted the program notes for the eponymous song cycle, A Brief History of Love and Poetry in the Listen section of the blog. With any luck, the audio from tonight’s performance will soon be posted there as well (at least for the poems that don’t cost over $1000Continue Reading

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  1. Wonderful program; Cary & Jason ( and you , of course) were so great – but it was the MUSIC! It all was teriffic. I was crazy about the opera/theatre music and LOVED the string quartet.

    ( I was the woman introduced to you by Judy Epstein) BTW – I did not want to get into it last night when asked – but one of the contemporary music programs I heard recently that sounded alternately like a film score and/or an assault to my ears was a concert I attended at Herbst.

    • Brian Rosen says:

      Thanks so much Shelley! I’m glad you were able to make it. I try to keep my music from becoming too alienating. While “accessible” is too often a code word for vapid. I try to make my stuff understandable on the first listen, but complex enough to warrant deeper listenings…

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Fantastic news here in Music vs Theater world! The San Francisco chapter of the American Composer’s Forum has seen fit to award me a Subito grant to help produce this weekend’s premiere of my song cycle (and other works)! This is a huge deal, not only will it make it much more likely that we’llContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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  1. Bun Bun says:

    That’s awesome, Rosen!

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A Brief History of Love and Poetry – World Premiere April 23rd

I’m excited to announce that on April 23rd several of my new pieces will be premiered in San Francisco in an evening length concert dedicated to my work as a composer. A Brief History of Love and Poetry is a song cycle I composed late last year for baritone and mezzo soprano. It’s a settingContinue Reading

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Tonight: Free chamber music at the DeYoung

The Cypress String Quartet is performing Debussy’s luminous String Quartet as well as a piece by Pulitzer Prize winning Jennifer Higdon at the DeYoung tonight at 7pm in the Koret Auditorium. The general idea is to capitalize on the connection between the impressionism exhibit on loan from the d’Orsay and the impressionist musical movement largelyContinue Reading

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Tobias Picker starts foodie trend in New York

Apparently, when Tobias Picker eats, broadway listens.  Mere weeks after Mr. Picker was spotted at a Petaluma Applebee’s, broadway heart-throb Hunter Ryan Herdlicka told Playbill magazine that Applebee’s was the perfect spot to catch a post-show snack.  He even singled out the spinach and artichoke dip! Maybe the New York Times will send a critic to TasteContinue Reading

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Save the small theaters!

Oh man.  Another small theater is taken out of commission.  I just learned that Climate Theater has lost its lease and is moving operations to the Traveling Jewish Theater.  Chloe Veltman covered it on her blog.  (Somehow I keep crossing paths with Chloe Veltman.  I think I only met her in person once, very brieflyContinue Reading

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Cultural whiplash, aka Opera Sandwich, aka Free A Cappella TONIGHT!

One of the best things about singing in operas is that you rarely have performances (or rehearsals for that matter) two days in a row.  This is in stark contrast to plain ole musical theater where, for all intents and purposes, you might as well bring your toothbrush and sleeping bag, since you will beContinue Reading

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Channeling my inner Merman

In the great canon of musical theater and opera roles, there are a few numbers that every actor/actress aspires to perform. Show stopping, scenery chewing, career making moments that put all of your talents on display for the world to see. The finale of Cabaret, Ya Got Trouble from the Music Man, and my personalContinue Reading

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  1. Matt Cohen says:

    Sounds like it should be very funny. Break legs!

    I saw that production of Gypsy. Sam Mendes… what more do you need to know? It wasn’t as noteworthy as his Cabaret, but it was still very well done.

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Richard Foreman bails on theater

Looks like Richard Foreman was serious this time. He’s not doing anymore theater productions. I’m damn glad I caught Idiot Savant last year at Joe’s Pub. I’ve been a big fan of Foreman’s work since I went to see Lumberjack Messiah on a complete whim five years ago. Now I see whatever is playing atContinue Reading

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More #Operaplotting

Instead of working on my own opera I seem to be spending the night trying to summarize other operas in under 130 characters. Hmmm… Maybe in a few years people will be trying to summarize Failing That in under 130 characters. Assuming I’m finished in a few years. Here’s the latest batch: La Boheme “OMG,Continue Reading

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  1. Andy Mayo says:


    Do we shiver in anticipation or dread when she takes her clothes off? And is it less horrifying than the head of John the Baptist?

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