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1-Bit Symphony

This is brilliant work. I just preordered mine. Tristan Perich: 1-Bit Symphony (Part 1: Overview) from Tristan Perich on Vimeo.

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Inception: plot point or arcana?

This is kinda neat. One of the main musical gestures in the score of Inception is derived from an actual plot point in the film. Neat! Cool! I love it! But is it hearable? I mean, now that it’s been pointed out and delivered via the viral web you can hear it, and SOMEONE mustContinue Reading

2 Responses to Inception: plot point or arcana?

  1. joe says:

    um.. have you seen the movie? the use of this cue is specifically *about* the slowing down of the edith piaf music. the sound itself is what cues the characters to prepare themselves to awake form the dream state. hardly arcana.

  2. Brian Rosen says:

    Oh ya! I know! It’s really clever in the way it hooks up with the plot point. The arcana question come from whether or not the source of the musical reference in the score is detectable. I know I didn’t catch it the first time, and I doubt I would have caught it a third or fourth time. If it’s not ‘hearable’, than it becomes fodder for a trivia question, hence, arcana.

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The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

When measuring success, if you haven’t yet inspired a YouTube parody, you’re probably an also-ran. When you’re REALLY successful, you become a template for parodying other things. That would make Guitar Hero pretty successful. The earliest Guitar Hero parody I know of was forwarded to me by the internetally omniscient non-aardvark Curtis Chen (who runsContinue Reading

4 Responses to The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

  1. Brian Rosen says:

    OK. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Curtis says:

    Thanks for the linkage. Though I aspire to more, I will be happy if I am only remembered as “that guy who sent Brian that one YouTube video.”

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The other side of Guitar Hero

I wrote last week lamenting how Guitar Hero provides a quick fix that discourages people from actually learning how to play an instrument (although as several friends have pointed out, the new Rock Band 3 that is scheduled to ship this winter includes a real Fender guitar and pro mode that matches ALL the realContinue Reading

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Tobias Picker starts foodie trend in New York

Apparently, when Tobias Picker eats, broadway listens.  Mere weeks after Mr. Picker was spotted at a Petaluma Applebee’s, broadway heart-throb Hunter Ryan Herdlicka told Playbill magazine that Applebee’s was the perfect spot to catch a post-show snack.  He even singled out the spinach and artichoke dip! Maybe the New York Times will send a critic to TasteContinue Reading

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Owen Pallett rocks my world

Owen Pallett‘s new album Heartland is just fantastic. I was introduced to his work by Sequenza21 and after listening to a couple of tracks I made a special trip to Aquarius Records to pay full price for the CD (hooray for supporting artists and local record stores). It was that compelling. A month later, theContinue Reading

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More #Operaplotting

Instead of working on my own opera I seem to be spending the night trying to summarize other operas in under 130 characters. Hmmm… Maybe in a few years people will be trying to summarize Failing That in under 130 characters. Assuming I’m finished in a few years. Here’s the latest batch: La Boheme “OMG,Continue Reading

2 Responses to More #Operaplotting

  1. Andy Mayo says:


    Do we shiver in anticipation or dread when she takes her clothes off? And is it less horrifying than the head of John the Baptist?

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Operaplot: easily digestible operachunks.

If you’ve been following my tweets, you may have noticed that it’s #operaplot season! What? You haven’t heard about #operaplot, the brainspurt of that blogging genius over at The Omniscient Mussel? Well, it’s high time you learned. The rules are simple. Summarize an entire opera in one tweet (ie 140 characters, including the hashtag #operaplot). YouContinue Reading

2 Responses to Operaplot: easily digestible operachunks.

  1. gerald rosen says:

    How about some classics:

    La Boheme
    Sub-let available in Soho walk-up. Previous occupant denied treatment by insurance company.

    Madam Butterfly
    Mixed race child up for adoption. Mother comitted suicide because of misunderstood e-mail.

    Sheriff murdered by opera singer. Met contract cancelled. Prominent artist shot in suicide pact.

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My Spoon is Too Big! The non-invisible Don Hertzfeldt.

I just got home from the the San Francisco International Film Festival where they awarded animator Don Hertzfeldt their (somewhat cloyingly named) “Persistence of Vision” award. The presentation featured a 90 minute long selection of his works followed by a (too) brief question and answer session. I had already seen almost all of the filmsContinue Reading

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John Adams thinks your piece sucks

John Adams just wrote a very funny blog post about master classes.  I happen to know he just gave one over at the San Francisco Conservatory last week, so the timing of this blog entry is probably not a coincidence. It’s a little nerve wracking reading through it. How does my string quartet match hisContinue Reading

One Response to John Adams thinks your piece sucks

  1. David Rodwin says:

    Thanks for the share. I just added a comment to the page. I didn’t realize John had a blog. I’ll start following it.

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