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June 24 – Sneak Peak of Failing That (my solo opera)

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I’ve been doing a lot of composing so far this year. In addition to an encore for the Hilary Hahn competition (which didn’t result in an honorable mention, but did result in a pretty cool piece for violin and piano), I’ve been chugging away on the solo opera that’s been a good four years in the making. I’ve got a solid chunk of 50 minutes of music (i.e. 50 milliWagners) composed, which is about two thirds of the final piece.


I’m going to perform that 50 minute chunk as part of the Solo Sunday performance series at Stage Werx. If you’re in San Francisco next weekend, please come on by.

Failing That – A Minor Tragedy
Part of Solo Sundays
7pm Sunday, June 24
446 Valencia St, SF CA


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Eight days a weekend…

Well this was a big weekend.  I presented a thirty minute excerpt of Failing That at StageWerx, including twenty minutes of brand new material.  If that was all that was going on this weekend, that would have been plenty.  Unfortunately, it was one of those weekends where just about every aspect of my life hadContinue ReadingContinue Reading

2 Responses to Eight days a weekend…

  1. Sister says:

    Phew. For a moment there I was worried that you actually might have bombed. Glad to hear that you were able to pull-through in your usual way.

  2. Sean Gugler says:

    I’m impressed you then have time to write it up so eloquently. Each paragraph would have taken me a half hour. Thank you again for sharing, I’m an eager audience.

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Brevity takes time

File this under “things I’m required to do when I really should be composing or at least practicing for the workshop.” I got an email last night asking me to supply some marketing material for the Solo Sundays gig, including a fifteen word description of  my piece for the ticketing website.  Fifteen words!  The fullContinue Reading

2 Responses to Brevity takes time

  1. Noah O. Rhys says:

    “a college student hallucinates his way through a final exam, encountering his inner demons, Einstein, and his ex-girlfriend.”

    Dude, cuts like a knife.

  2. Brian Rosen says:

    Har! Noah, that storyline is taken more from my life than yours. Although I suppose universality is a good trait…

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A teensy bit freaking out

Sometimes I don’t have a great sense of how much time things really take.  I figure if it’s conceptually easy, it shouldn’t take much time to do.  I neglect to schedule the actual overhead involved with the mechanical tasks. Sometimes this gets me in trouble.  I’m a little bit worried that this might be oneContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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Upcoming Event: Failing That Workshop Presentation

Failing That: A Minor Tragedy (excerpt) 7pm February 28th Stagewerx Theater 533 Sutter St (at Powell) San Francisco, CA 94102   I’ll be performing a 25 minute excerpt from Failing That as part of the Stage Werx Solo Sunday festival on February 28th.  This excerpt will follow the arc of Steven Scafidi as he finds himselfContinue Reading

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