Garrison Keillor + Burning Man = A Playa Home Companion

If Garrison Keillor went to Burning Man, what would it sound like?

That question popped into my head last Sunday as I was driving to get brunch with some fellow Black Rock Rangers in preparation for this year’s burn. The radio was tuned to A Prairie Home Companion and I found myself thinking… why hasn’t anyone done A Playa Home Companion? That would be a perfect thing for BMIR to play on a quiet midmorning as people are nursing their wounds from the night before.

So… I did it. I dashed out a quick prototype to see what it would sound like. I was aiming for wistfully amusing and not laugh out loud funny. It starts out a little slow, but picks up towards the middle. And I’m quite happy with the ending.

If you’re not familiar with Burning Man, it might not make much sense. And if you’re not familiar with A Prairie Home Companion, it also might not make much sense.

Or maybe it just doesn’t make much sense.

Regardless, here’s the News From Black Rock City, where the town is round, the earth is flat, and the burn was better last year.

[audio:|titles=Playa Home Companion]

Or right click to save it to your computer for future listening: Playa Home Companion