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Tonight: Free chamber music at the DeYoung

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Does this look like what Debussy sounds like?

The Cypress String Quartet is performing Debussy’s luminous String Quartet as well as a piece by Pulitzer Prize winning Jennifer Higdon at the DeYoung tonight at 7pm in the Koret Auditorium. The general idea is to capitalize on the connection between the impressionism exhibit on loan from the d’Orsay and the impressionist musical movement largely associated with Debussy. I’m wary of drawing connections between styles of visual arts  and music but like it or not, there’s an almost unshakeable association between the work of Ravel and Debussy and gauzy representations of lakes and ballerinas.

But who’s complaining? This is going to be great music performed by a top notch ensemble. And it’s free! (Although I think it costs extra to see the actual exhibit.) Come on out.

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The Little Death Vol. 1 (aka Who Would Jesus Do?)

As reported a few months ago, Richard Foreman has left the building. To be precise, he’s left the performance space on the second floor of the St Marks Church in the Bowery. In his wake remains the Incubator Project, the spin off of his Ontological Hysteric theater, dedicated to fostering works from emerging experimental theaterContinue Reading

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Review: Lovesong of the Electric Bear

Lovesong of the Electric Bear by Snoo Wilson dir Cheryl Faraone July 13-August 1 Atlantic Stage 2, 330 W 16th St Performance reviewed 7/11/2010 (preview) Regular readers of this blog know that I have a taste for the surreal and irrational in theater.  What they may not know is that I happen to haveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

When measuring success, if you haven’t yet inspired a YouTube parody, you’re probably an also-ran. When you’re REALLY successful, you become a template for parodying other things. That would make Guitar Hero pretty successful. The earliest Guitar Hero parody I know of was forwarded to me by the internetally omniscient non-aardvark Curtis Chen (who runsContinue Reading

4 Responses to The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

  1. Brian Rosen says:

    OK. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Curtis says:

    Thanks for the linkage. Though I aspire to more, I will be happy if I am only remembered as “that guy who sent Brian that one YouTube video.”

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The other side of Guitar Hero

I wrote last week lamenting how Guitar Hero provides a quick fix that discourages people from actually learning how to play an instrument (although as several friends have pointed out, the new Rock Band 3 that is scheduled to ship this winter includes a real Fender guitar and pro mode that matches ALL the realContinue Reading

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Is Guitar Hero good for music?

I really dig Guitar Hero. From the first time I picked up a four buttoned plastic guitar and jammed out to We Got The Beat at the 2007 SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference I was hooked. Having a reasonable amount of musical aptitude, I took to it pretty quickly.  I can usually sight read songs atContinue Reading

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