About the author:

Brian M Rosen is a San Francisco based composer/writer/performer.

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About this blog:

This blog consists of entries about music and theater that I find interesting, as well as notes and excerpts of in progress works and occasional peeks into my “compositional process”, which is a pretentious enough phrase that I’m ashamed for having said it.  The truth is, I’m just making it up. But it turns out that’s the only way things get written.

You should read this blog if any of the following are true:

  • you’re interested in “contemporary” music or theater, but aren’t sure where to begin
  • you love the idea of musical theater, but want more than jukebox musical or campy adaptations
  • you love the idea of opera, but want more than yet another staging of a piece by a long dead composer
  • you’re curious about what exactly a composer/playwright does (that makes two of us)

There will also be announcements about upcoming opportunities to see me performing or see works that I’ve written.

About Music vs. Theater Productions:

Music vs. Theater Productions is a production company dedicated to producing works marrying Music and Theater.  Their first production is my solo opera “Failing That: A Minor Tragedy”.

There is also a recent recording of my first string quartet that you can download from the web site.

Why is it called Music vs. Theater?

That’s an ongoing discussion.  This is a good place to start…