The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

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When measuring success, if you haven’t yet inspired a YouTube parody, you’re probably an also-ran. When you’re REALLY successful, you become a template for parodying other things. That would make Guitar Hero pretty successful.

The earliest Guitar Hero parody I know of was forwarded to me by the internetally omniscient non-aardvark Curtis Chen (who runs the very worth your time  The gag is even funnier if you’re familiar with the More Cowbell skit on SNL.

While not exactly a YouTube parody, the Onion had it’s own take on the Guitar Hero phenomenon with their report of lackluster sales for Sousaphone Hero. I love the idea of 135 virtual sousaphone players competing in Marching Band mode, and any brass player will sympathize with the need to keep the controller’s spit valve drained.

And most recently, we have the world cup edition: Vuvuzela Hero. Well played, sir, well played.

4 Responses to The OTHER other side of Guitar Hero

  1. Brian Rosen says:

    OK. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Curtis says:

    Thanks for the linkage. Though I aspire to more, I will be happy if I am only remembered as “that guy who sent Brian that one YouTube video.”

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