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Tobias Picker starts foodie trend in New York

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June 2010 Playbill

Apparently, when Tobias Picker eats, broadway listens.  Mere weeks after Mr. Picker was spotted at a Petaluma Applebee’s, broadway heart-throb Hunter Ryan Herdlicka told Playbill magazine that Applebee’s was the perfect spot to catch a post-show snack.  He even singled out the spinach and artichoke dip!

Maybe the New York Times will send a critic to Taste of Petaluma this year to spot next year’s trends…

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Tobias Picker spotted dining at Applebee’s

Tobias Picker is kinda a big deal. It’s safe to say that any composer who gets an opera commission from the Met is kinda a big deal. Any composer who gets an opera produced more than once is kinda a big deal. You can count the number of living composers who have had multiple operasContinue Reading

3 Responses to Tobias Picker spotted dining at Applebee’s

  1. mary beth woodruff says:

    great. you left out john harbison. ‘great gatsby’ was commissioned by the met for the millennium. it was then reproduced by chicago lyric opera.

    • Brian Rosen says:

      Right, John Harbison certainly qualifies as kinda a big deal. But does he have a SECOND opera that has received multiple professional productions. That’s the criteria here for the one handed thing.

      And does he eat at Applebee’s?

      • mary beth woodruff says:

        this is his first opera so i guess that he doesn’t qualify for these criteria. yet, his oratorio ‘flight into egypt’ has been reproduced all over the place and won the pulitzer. i don’t know that he’ll ever write another opera. he said it was unbelievably all-consuming.

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Woot! Tech Week!

Yep. It’s tech week here in MvT world. We’re in hunker down mode in preparation for this Friday’s opening night performance of Emmeline at Cinnabar Opera Theater up in Petaluma, CA. It takes fifty minutes to get from my house to Cinnabar. And that’s without traffic. That should give you a sense of how much IContinue Reading

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