A teensy bit freaking out

Sometimes I don’t have a great sense of how much time things really take.  I figure if it’s conceptually easy, it shouldn’t take much time to do.  I neglect to schedule the actual overhead involved with the mechanical tasks. Sometimes this gets me in trouble.  I’m a little bit worried that this might be one of those times.

In preparation for the workshop presentation of Failing That in two weeks (as mentioned in this post), I need to prepare the prerecorded audio background.  You know, so I have actual music playing while I sing.

It’s not conceptually hard.  The music is already written and I already have the raw audio tracks from the demo recording stuff I’ve done.  I just need to assemble them, set some levels, and maybe do a first pass recording of some of the background voices that need to be there.

I figured that would take an hour and then I could move onto more important stuff (like composing another 10 seconds of music, writing up the rehearsal notes for my string quartet recording session, or writing a more interesting blog post than this one).  Now here it is a full four hours later and I’m just finishing the first pass of the background audio.  Forget about mixing or recording anything new.  The night is over and the track is barely even assembled.

I’m starting to think that February 28th is much closer than I thought…